For fuel suppliers: we can advise customers if they need to respond to an open access situation. We`ll be happy to help if you plan to participate in an open email supply chain. As far as Open Access`s fuel supply is concerned, a duly qualified part (for example. B oil companies) may use the airport`s fuel facilities to provide fuel to aircraft, whether or not they own the facilities. The model covers the fuel supply from the point of entry to the buoyancy of the aircraft. The correct distribution of responsibility for risk and refuelling in aircraft in each supply chain and how liability is then covered by insurance and/or compensation is fundamental. We have a unique know-how and regularly advise them on these topics. The open access fuel supply has been adopted by the aviation industry, including IATA, as a model of good practice for airports. By increasing competition for fuel supply and thus reducing prices, it can maximize fuel growth at the host airport, encourage new routes and, beforehand, support marginal routes – they help support passenger numbers and footprint, which can bring significant benefits to both airlines and airport operators. For airports and airport operators: we can structure an open access platform for one customer based on the tailored nature of each supply chain.

eJet can prepare all relevant agreements and then support the implementation of Open Access. John Pitts, MD of eJet International, was at the forefront in 1998 in the development of the first open access fuel supply model in Hong Kong, using similar but different models in North America. Open access is appropriate, for example, for new medium- and high-capacity airports and existing airports, where changes can be made (e.g. B when existing contracts for fuel operators/consortia expire). If necessary, we can work throughout the supply chain: in addition to pioneering this model in Hong Kong, we have also had a similar stake in other airports such as Dublin, Luxembourg, Delhi International Airport and the new Bangalore International Airport. For airport operators: eJet can conduct audits and inspections to ensure that the operation is well managed, assessed for risk and that revenues are actually generated.