Hello stuart i wounder, if you can help me/advise, I took a kia lease with 6000 miles a year after 4 months my situation changed with 10,000 miles a year I called Kia, who said they wouldn`t increase my miles I offered to pay more than a month I also called santander the financial company both turned down now in vt it works cheaper for me to pay halfway near 1000 dollars extra, if I continued until the end, I would look at just buying a car, a loan now I predict that santander will refuse me if I take a loan for a car to directly buy what I ask best with other companies or for a car loan , they should not refuse me, if my creditworthiness is excellent and can repay monthly payments, I feel somehow put in what I need a car. You can continue to liquidate the contract, whether or not you are eligible for voluntary termination. You`ve been in your contract for 11 months. Out of a total of $10,761.06, you paid less than $3,000 and if you move in now, you have to pay $7183.09. You can sell the car, but if you get less than 7183.09 euros then you have to make a difference. For example, if you receive $6000 from a buyer, you will need to pay an additional $1,183.09 to the financial company to pay off your debts. Read this article about stopping a PPC (or HP) early. Hi, John. If you return the car under the VT clause, then there is nothing concrete about maintenance. However, the financial company can deny whether the car can be defined as being in good condition if its mechanical maintenance plan was not complied with (I assume it was due 12 months, but you did not?).

It`s a grey area — if you have a PCP, they could also argue that you broke your contract by not waiting for the car in time, and therefore you refuse to allow yourself, VT. hello stuart, I took a car on the financing for 11,000 dollars, but after 6 months and the payments of 1,600 dollars, my situation changed and I could no longer afford the car, I contacted the financial company that agreed to take back the car, then she applied the « half rule » to my account, but she now follows me $600 for the extra miles and for future payments totalling $6,000 (original) plus $3,000 in interest (again in addition to the $6,000 agreement interest) even though they withdrew the car and applied half of the account to the rule? how can they make future payments totalling $9999.08, More than $606.68, $1600 of my payments, plus a car worth at least $6,500 in return – so you`re looking for $18725.16 if the amount borrowed was only $6588 and the total amount of $11,862.36 – none of this makes sense. VTing Your car should not influence mortgage or loan applications or a PCP application with another auto finance company – it`s your legal right, not a default.