[YOUR COMPANY NAME] is committed to promoting [CLIENT NAME] with public relations services in the form of a media campaign for the new Kale Coconut smoothie in the New York and Los Angeles markets. The campaign will begin on January 1, 2017 and end on December 31, 2017. [YOUR COMPANY NAME] is committed to producing press releases, social media contributions, e-newsletters and targeted electronic communications for food and lifestyle journalists in print and electronic media. [YOUR COMPANY NAME] provides [CLIENT NAME] with a monthly report that describes the media audience and results. The customer retains ownership of all data, information or intellectual property rights provided to the supplier under this contract. The client owns any intellectual property arising from the services, including, but not limited, to software (both machine-readable and in the form of source code), data and other information, except for the intellectual property generated by the provider during the execution of the services and which relates exclusively to the activity of the supplier owned by the supplier; Provided the customer has the right to use this intellectual property of the supplier in accordance with the following licensing conditions: PandaTip: This is a somewhat simple restriction of the liability clause which relates to indirect and non-direct damages. Many agreements have clauses that also limit direct liability. Talk to your lawyer. PandaTip: This special commercial contract allows the participation of several projects in work declarations negotiated under this agreement.

This enterprise advisory agreement (the « agreement ») dates from the purchase (« effective date »), is by you (« customer ») and Wise Business Plan LLC, a Nevada company (« consultant »), for the purpose of executing the issues (the « services ») described below. Service providers should use service contracts at all times if they wish to provide services to clients, protect their own interests and ensure that they are compensated accordingly. You may want to document the rate of pay for services, frequency of billing, insurance clauses, etc. The customer instructs the provider to provide services as described under « Perimeter and Manner of Services. » The provider undertakes to make these services available to the customer for compensation, in accordance with the « payment of the services provided. » By using and/or doing business with Wise Business Plan, LLC, you agree to comply with these Terms of Use (the « Terms of Use »), the Terms of a Business Proposal, and agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including U.S. export and re-export control laws and regulations.