Other benefits of the program for students under the agreement include priority consideration of housing, consideration of transfer grants for students with an MPA of 3.2 or higher, and pre-admission advice. Under the agreement, students who apply to the school and obtain an associated transfer level of 2.5 GPA or higher than 2.5 and subscribe to either the University of California`s General Intersegmental Education Transfer Program or the California State University model for general education at the University of California, will be admitted with a junior position. The goal of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Transfer Project is to develop transfer guarantee agreements that will allow students to smoothly move from all Colleges in the California Community to targeted HBCU agreements. California Community College Transfer students have the opportunity to guarantee admission to historically Black Colleges and participating universities through the HBCU Transfer Agreement. Thanks to an agreement signed on March 17, 2015 between California Community Colleges and several HBCUs, California Community College (CCC) students who meet certain academic requirements are assured of their transfer to a participating HBCU. The HBCU Transfer project focused on increasing the transfer function and increasing the number of students ready to move to bachelor`s schools. To do this, the coordination of transfer efforts to higher education institutions focuses on the preparation and transfer of under-represented students, including students with disabilities, low-income students, first-generation students and other groups of students who are under-represented in the transfer process. For full information and a list of participating HBCU colleges and insences, visit CCC HBCU. For more information on today`s agreement and participating universities and universities, see www.cccco.edu/HBCUTransfer. A second option to earn a guaranteed welcome will require transfer students to earn 30 transferable CSU or UC units with an AMP of 2.5 or more. B. The diploma includes the diploma and certification of the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) of the lower division, which is used by students of California Community College to prepare for transmission to the systems of the University of California and California State University. or, today`s agreement supports a White House initiative, adopted by Dr.